BTC ATMs Global Update

The Bitcoin ATM industry is vital for Bitcoin adoption as it allows users to turn Bitcoin into money and vice versa in a matter of minutes, making Bitcoin a currency that can be used in daily life.

This year's surge in ATM deployments is being led by top Bitcoin ATM manufacturers:

  • CoinCloud with 374 ATMs,

  • CoinFlip with 348 ATMs,

  • Bitcoin Depot with 312 ATMs,

  • Coinsource with 277 ATMs,

  • Rockitcoin with 207 ATMs,

  • Bitcoin America with 204 ATMs,

  • PayDepot with 184 ATMs,

  • Local Coin with 169 ATMs,

  • iQCashNow with 147 ATMs, and

  • Digital Mint with 132 ATMs.

North America leads the world with 76.3% of all global Bitcoin ATMs. This is mostly concentrated in the United States which has 64.5% of the global total. Europe is in 2nd place with 19.7%, while Asia has 2.3% and South America only 1.1%.

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