BTSE Meetup in Manila

BTSE a global futures trading platform empowered to personalize that has made some waves in UAE,Taiwan, and HongKong has finally started to introduced themselves to a curious public in Blockchain Space, Manila last 29January2020.

The event consisted had an interesting format that equipped the participants and attendees not just with an introduction about BTSE and its global platform, BTSE has gone above and beyond with providing both fundamental and technical analysis from experienced traders qualified to coach

In efforts to have every trader deserves the security and robustness of an institutional-grade exchange.


Deeper Liquidity with All Trading Pairs on One Order Book

Trade and Settle Futures with any Asset of Your Choice


  • Up to 100x Leverage

  • Lower Fees

  • SWIFT Transfers

  • No daily withdrawal limits

Our BTSE Global Community Manager Joylin shares our dashboard (as shown in photo)

Our guest speaker

BTX was offered for free as a historical pivot by the third and final speaker.

The raffle encouraged the crowd to join the social media platforms

Start practicing today with our sophisticated trading platform for futures

The engaged audience had a lot of questions about how to get started, the bitcoin halving, and some #BTC details

A lot of heat was placed on the regulations within the Philippines since there was a disclosure and the BTSE being regulated in the UAE Central Bank gave a LOT of confidence to the curious minds who were attending.

A short Q&A and a raffle was provided to the attendees using a random number generator that had 5 winners and a bonus shirt prize from Token Pocket !


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