WHAT is E-Residency for Cryptocurrency and Blockchain businesses and HOW TribeTheory can help

Being a remote worker for close to four years now, I still get the feeling of having invisible handcuffs being close to water yet in front of my laptop, as evidenced in the photo below. Slowly resolving my lust for travel through effective time management and task prioritisation, I find the idea so seductive to expand my own business globally, having done so as a former Operations Head for a private label startup via Amazon FBA for more than three years.

Singapore Blockchain Week 2018

I mean, this is a snippet of my lifestyle for working remotely- which I'm so grateful for, being paid and flown to attend events and bridge businesses for ventures, I had a memorable experience last year in Singapore, this is so funny given my work laptop was with me, how glam, geez.

It's no walk in the park given the level of trust needed for the geographical challenges, and goes beyond the already earned trust the business partner already has for you with your business acumen.

More often than not, It's your location apart from your nationality that could be a hindrance to business opportunities legally.

From personal experience, I've been "professionally crippled" in the digital sense of lacking business proof whilst working remotely. Thanks to Zoom meetings I've connected with contacts gained, and CRM and project management softwares have helped manage my growing clients effectively. But when it comes to my business registration, it's a big miss. Since I belong in a part of the world that has a high discrimination against other passports, I needed more effort to get my business out there to even secure a 20-min meeting. So now, an aspiration is to have more visas to attend conferences to learn more, a working permit, an offshore bank account, etc, which is a usual hurdle for small businesses to scale globally.

LUCKILY, I chanced upon a Facebook event that could be a solution to my existing apprehensions.

Aiming to create awareness in a casual manner, Tribe Theory shares how E-Residency in Estonia helps out startups with E-Residency for extra muscle to flex in European countries when it comes to business registration and payment solutions with their friendly bank partners.

With the 4-step program, your business can take off

from company registration to business banking, and VAT.

No red tape. Fast, easy, and transparent.

(Hmmmm...... taking notes from blockchain companies, I see.*wink*)

I'm most concerned about cryptocurrency and launching blockchain businesses in Europe

given I distribute hardware goods and can supply the demand further.

The detailed website above shares the details that still includes ICOs despite the current flak it gets, see here:

This is a great opportunity for businesses to achieve their expansion goals towards Europe,

and I hope this helps you get started. Since our local Estonia embassy lacks a regular registration schedule (you need a fingerprint scan and you'd need to show up with your papers before they can consider your application) the best suggestion garnered from TribeTheory is to head to Singapore and process it there instead.

So, why not meet the helpful tribesmen

from Tribe Theory and...

1.) Have immediate friends who probably had a similar experience and can help you.

2.) Stay in their top-rated hostels, and

3.) #FINDYOURTRIBE with the new friends and connections you've made to make memorable experiences with.

Before you travel, make sure your identity is protected from electronic hacking, so best to look at my anti-theft travel wallet that's got an RFID- you'll never experience those credit card stolen horror stories from most unlucky travellers, like most people in this article.

Type COINFEMME10 for a 10% discount upon checkout

Safe travels,


Here's the founder of Tribe Theory Vikram Bharati explaining why remote working is bomb AF and I agree given we had the same motivation- independence and my desired freedom for my time to do what I love, which is learning and attending conferences. I'm pleased to have met him personally at a gathering of curious minds early this week in a co-working space in Metro Manila. There I witnessed Vikram being proactive with sharing information and helpful for unique business scenarios, demonstrating how knowledgeable he is and how he takes care of his tribe, now existing in six (6) countries, aiming for ten (10) by 2020.

Consider heading to the Singapore

branch today

39 Ann Siang Road,Singapore or contact the following

+6564230237 contact@tribetheory.com

About Tribe Theory

Tribe Theory is a global entrepreneurial ecosystem of curated communities that's not only business friendly but also serves as a global hostel chain, designed to cater to the traveling startups, digital nomads, creative and entrepreneurial community. So if you're bootstrapping, this is considerably a great way to get started and meet like-minded folks along the way that can potentially contribute to your business to scale even further. contact@tribetheory.com

Want to be a Tribe Theory Talent? Join HERE

Event details here: https://www.facebook.com/tribetheoryph/

Thank you to the following

1. George Samuels, CCO

2. Cristian Muñoz, Country Manager

and of course to the Founder, Vikram Bharati.


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