Blockchain Innovation Tour 2019

Updated: Aug 23, 2019

Partnering with Asia Token Fund as last 28 April 2019, I had the privilege of being around blockchain enthusiasts and professionals that take the game a step further, a perfect start for the weekend in Okada Manila, Philippines.

The Blockchain Innovation Tour (BIT) is a first of its kind world tour where we bridge local Asian communities, investors, exchanges and media together. The roadshow aims to connect projects to local blockchain communities in South East Asia. With the current bear market condition, it is very important for the project to connect directly to the ground and be face-to-face with the local audience.

Speakers and Sponsors , a blockchain chatting Dapp

From Korea, CMO Josh Igoe mentions Users utilising the app will be rewarded with smart tokens. Usage includes content creation and sharing as key examples. Adaptability is definitely user-friendly because it the interface appears somewhat similar to Facebook, WhatsApp, and common social media communication mobile app platforms which is great for UX/UI for ease of use. Josh says what sets Ghost Talk apart is a key feature of allows automatic deletion of messages and even content-specific channels, which if you want blockchain for its transparency, may be discouraging, but nonetheless, a great alternative to Telegram, since it's mostly used by the current cryptomarket today which does not have a social media in place.

How it works:

Source: , an incentivized P2P entertainment file sharing with DLT

Hailing from our very own Davao City, there is a huge potential and market especially for file sharing and more importantly, incentivising and providing privacy to a great extent. The solutions they aim to solve are outstanding as it reflects the current gaps in media and file sharing today

This lean team of experts aims to provide the best audio and video retail consumer experience with the efforts of reducing the amount of uncompensated P2P file sharing that surely would compensate IP owners thus allowing users to earn for distributing the product to market. With incentivisation in place, it is a huge likelihood that the project contributes to increasing the adoption of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology furthermore giving independent artists a direct path to market, increased exposure, and more equity in the long run.

Giving Thanks for Compounding Impact

Thank you to the sponsors and the speakers who are paving the way to providing solutions for the economy's biggest gaps and finding opportunities to share and transfer files, communications, and money in sophisticated methods.... technically speaking.

For those who weren't able to make it, here's a sneak peek of what went down:

For more information and to be able to have access to 5 different SEAsian BIT conferences for the price of one, I encourage you to reach out to their team at Special thanks to Myrtle Ramos for having me as a media partner and kudos to the entire team effort of communicating what everyone's curious about.

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