Keevo is a breakthrough premium hardware wallet that is the safest and easiest way to manage your cryptocurrencies.

The top 5 reasons people are upgrading to Keevo include:

1. State-of-the-Art Technology

2. Four Factor Authentication

3. Paperless Recovery

4. The World's First Crypto Beneficiary Service

5. Premium Design Easy to Use


1.Carbon Key and Paperless Recovery

If you already own a crypto hardware wallet, you’re likely familiar with writing down paper seed phrases to recover your private keys in the event your wallet is lost, stolen, or damaged.

But the problem is: anyone who has access to that piece of paper with your seed phrases has full access to your cryptocurrency and digital assets (anything that is being protected with the private keys on your hardware wallet).

So, where to store this precious piece of paper and keep your seed phrase secret is a major pain point causing anxiety, inconvenience and opening up a significant security risk (more on that below).

Leveraging our MF/MSA system, Keevo does not require paper seed phrases for recovering private keys. Instead, your secure Carbon Key + fingerprint + pin are used.This means that even if someone has access to your Carbon Key, the contents are completely secure and there’s nothing they can do with it.

2.World’s FIRST EVER Crypto Beneficiary service

Upon your death, your beneficiary can then authenticate her or himself with Keevo and provide us with valid proof of your death (e.g., an original death certificate that has been apostilled just like any heir would do with a bank or other financial institution). Once your death and beneficiary are validated, we will send them yourCarbon Key to the recovery address they created and have on file with their account.Once they receive your Carbon Key, they can enter their PIN and their biometric to restore and reset your assets. Again, and if for any reason the person who receives your Carbon Key is not the person you named and set up as your beneficiary on your Keevo, your crypto is still safe. The Carbon Key would be totally useless to any thief since your true beneficiary needs to enter their fingerprint and PIN to decrypt the sub-keys which are stored on the Carbon Key.

3.Multi-Factor / Multi-Sig Authentication System

Keevo ships with four authentication factors. Additional factors will be added in the near future (see below for more on these additional factors).

1.Your Keevo Wallet or primary hardware device (something you own)

2.Your Strong Password that you created (something you know)

3.Your Fingerprint (something unique to you)

4.Your Keevo Carbon Key or secondary hardware device used for key recovery(something you store).

In addition to two standard factors used by other wallets (device + pin), Keevo‘s MF/MSA employs a third and fourth factors to encrypt and decrypt private keys

The third factor is your fingerprint. Keevo’s first-in-class biometric sensor securely analyzes and cryptographically stores your fingerprint information and uses it to access another private key hidden within an enclave which is then required to restore your master key.

The fourth factor is the Keevo Carbon Key (“something you store”).

All Keevo vaults come with the hardware wallet and Carbon Key.The Carbon Key is a separate backup device which has its own unique and randomly generated key along with a secure memory unit where Keevo also stores all of your other encrypted sub keys. All the electronic communication and information transferred between the Keevo Wallet and Keevo Carbon Key are transmitted through custom contacts and encrypted communication protocols.

4. Keevo Premium Plus Membership and Services

1. While membership is exclusively available to Keevo owners, it is entirely optional.

2. Whether or not you choose to become a member, the Keevo Vault and Carbon Key remain 100% self-sovereign, totally private and still the most Secure AND Easiest way to manage your digital identity and virtual assets like cryptocurrencies.

If Multi-Factor/Multi-Sig Auth and paperless recovery weren’t enough, we believe membership in Premium Plus takes Keevo to an entirely new level and provides a roadmap to the future of decentralized identity management and blockchain security. There’s nothing else like it on the market today and the benefits from this membership further help break the forced compromise between security and convenience. And, while we’re excited about the initial DApps that we’re building and will offer PremiumPlus Members, we are working to make Keevo Plus a platform upon which many other blockchain developers will build ever more innovative and beneficials DApps in the coming months.


Get started on protecting

your cryptocurrency smarter and more securely.

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